The "Yoga Sutra" of Patanjali


Lecture evening with Dr. Julian Braun
On 02.10.2017 at 20:00 in Friedrichshafen

Free admission
The "Yoga Sutra" by Patanjali (written between 200 BC and 200 AD) is the classic text of early yoga.

Far removed from a one-sided focus on the body, it outlines the ideal of a spiritual path, which can be seen as a kind of prototype for many subsequent teachings for almost two thousand years.

The lecture provides an insight into the structure, content and meaning of the Yoga Sutra, which has lost none of its popularity in specialist circles to this day.

Speaker: Dr. Julian Braun

(born 1973), has practiced various martial arts since 1980. Studied Japanese Studies, Philosophy and Ethnology in Munich;

Doctorate in Japanese Studies at the University of Tübingen with a dissertation on the topic: "The common path of sword and brush - philosophy and ethics of Japanese martial arts of the Tokugawa period."

Various other works and translations on the spiritual world of the Tokugawa period, several training courses in the field of education.

Further information on his homepage:

Venue: The Pagoda, Albert-Maier-Str. 12, 88045 Friedrichshafen