Tang Hao "Studies on Taijiquan and Shaolin Boxing"


Lecture evening with Jens Weinbrecht
On 08.12.2018 at 20:00 in Nuremberg

The 1959 text is Tang Hao's final work. His writing once again shows subtle but significant adjustments to his earlier publications.

In the lecture, we will first highlight his achievements. His research on the ancient boxing forms stands out in particular. His comparisons up to Ming General Qi Ji Guang and the time of Ming Emperor Tai Zu were and still are a figurehead of progressive thinking, because they are comprehensible and also based on evidence.

In contrast, he was unable to fully understand the complex relationships in the Taijiquan clans.

We show what he says, what information he lacked and where he got carried away and created constructs that still have an effect today.

Admission: The lecture is free of charge for participants of Dietmar Stubenbaum's Taijiquan seminar this weekend in Nuremberg. We ask all others to make a donation of €5 to our association's coffers.

Venue: Parkstraße 28, 90409 Nuremberg