It all starts with a clear intention


For the second time this year, we are no longer allowed to meet in group lessons. This is very painful for all of us. And for the second time, Master Chen Peishan is supporting us with an international online seminar. On Sunday morning, November 29, 2020, the international community of Chen Taijiquan Xiaojia practitioners met in Zoom and YouTube to learn and practice. 

Üben wir das Taijiquan der Chen-Familie über die Grenzen hinaus (2.)
~Schlagen wir COVID 19 mit Taijiquan~

Zoom allowed a glimpse into rooms with nothing but a mat, into fully furnished living rooms, bedrooms or kitchens all over the world. With people eagerly waiting for the master or warming up for the practice, before the representatives of the Chinese, Japanese and international Chen Taijiquan Xiaojia associations introduced the seminar with short welcoming speeches.

Master Chen Peishan
Master Chen Peishan

Chen Peishan set himself the challenge of reaching all levels of practitioners at the same time in a workshop. And he succeeded. He concentrated on one message: "Every movement begins with a clear intention". We practiced the standing column, the first images of the Sizeng form and the Yilu together. Everyone was able to participate at their own level and sharpen their idea of what the movement was intended to achieve. We consciously used abdominal breathing to emphasize our intention with the whole body. We also got an insight into how the great masters use their breath with audible expression.

Even at a lower level, this technique made a difference and gave us more space and focus when practicing. Finally, he had a request for long-time students: "If you find an image easy, always consider whether you are practising it with your whole heart." In this way, even after many years of practicing, deeper insights into familiar processes can always be found.

The ISCT online
The ISCT online

Chen Peishan is a charismatic master of Xiaojia Taijiquan. He has a wonderful gift for imparting his knowledge. In this 2-hour online workshop, he managed to do this simultaneously in several languages and for all levels. What a wonderful pre-Christmas present. Thank you.

by Sabine Rossbach