Lecture evening with Dr. Julian Braun
n 04.10.2014 at 19:30 in Ravensburg

Admission free
"Buddhism" has enjoyed growing attention in the West for many years as a method for promoting mental balance as well as spiritual growth.

In a brief introduction to Buddhism, he will give an overview of the various main traditions of Buddhism, their central teachings and their historical developments."

Dr. Julian Braun (born 1973) has many years of teaching experience and has been intensively involved in the theory and practice of Eastern bodywork and martial arts as well as Western and Eastern philosophical and religious systems since his youth. He studied Japanese Studies, Philosophy and Ethnology in Munich and received his doctorate in Philosophy with Summa cum Laude from the Eberhard Karls University in Tübingen. Numerous pedagogical training and further education courses.

You can find more information about Dr. Julian Braun on his website: https://www.selbstschmiede.de/7.html

And here is another interview with Dr. Julian Braun on Hoploblog: https://hoploblog.wordpress.com/2013/04/22/sieben-fragen-an-julian-braun/

Venue: KJC Ravensburg, Brühlstraße 36, 88212 Ravensburg