A widely ramified family


Lecture evening with Dietmar Stubenbaum
on 30.09.2019 at 20:00 in Friedrichshafen
Chen Clan Taijiquan and its development over the generations in general and with a special focus on the different lineages in the "small frame".

Dietmar Stubenbaum
Dietmar Stubenbaum
  • Taijiquan in Zhaobao.
  • The different branches in the Small Frame Chen Taijiquan.
  • The large frame and the small frame in Chen Taijiquan.
  • The 16th generation of the Chen clan and the written formulation of Taijiquan.
  • The 15th generation of the Chen clan and the differentiation of the frames.
  • The 14th generation of the Chen clan. Are Chen Youben and/or Chen Changxing the founders of a new method?
  • The 9th generation of the Chen clan. Chen Wangting as the founder of Chen Taijiquan?
  • The history of the origin of Chen Taijiquan.

Admission: The lecture is free of charge for participants of the Chen Taijiquan Xioajia Autumn Camp 2019 and members of the Society for the Study and Practice of Small Frame Chen Clan Taijiquan e. V.. We ask all others to make a donation of €3 to our association's coffers.

Venue: Die Pagode, Albert-Maier-Str. 12, 88045 Friedrichshafen (entrance on the left side of the building, up the stairs to the second floor)