2nd edition - "Journal for Chinese Martial Arts and Culture"


NEW specialist literature on the culture of Chinese internal martial arts

Publications designed to give Taijiquan enthusiasts a wider range of information and a deeper insight into this art are part of the non-profit work of the association.

The journals can be ordered at:

kampfkunstkultur@mailbox.org to order.

The price per issue, including packaging and shipping within Germany, is 14 euros. Dispatch is with enclosed invoice. Association members receive the journal free of charge.

The second "Journal for Chinese Martial Arts and Culture" will be available shortly. This time it contains the following contents:

1. foreword (Julian Braun)

2. introduction: Taijiquan and historical research (Julian Braun)

3 "The wood of the white wax tree ash" (Jens Weinbrecht)

4 "Xingyiquan: From Ji Jike to Li Luoneng" (Julian Braun)

5. "Large frame and small frame: A Comparison" (Shi Peng)

6 "The transformation of the self through the phenomenality of Taijiquan" (Wilfried Schmidt) (Part 1)

7. critical remarks on recent Taijiquan research (Jens Weinbrecht) (part 1)

8. book review: "The Wrath of the Wolves" (Thomas Strube)

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